Boarded the bus that takes passengers to the aircraft. Once we reached the hanger where the ATR crafts were kept(or can I say parked ??), we were asked to stay in the bus itself for the next 40 mts, stating that our baggages havent arrived from the airport 😦 So people got down stood next to those noisy ATR aircrafts and took pictures!! Please… I picked a snap of an Indigo ATR craft standing next to the Kingfisher -Deccan flight I was supposed to board. I felt humiliated when my son asked me to show him the picture of the “helicopter” again when I showed him the snap, later that day!! :O

Finally the baggages arrived, and we were bound to Madurai by 8.45 after the long wait for our sequence to take off!! Landed in Madurai, went home, and had a good sleep for an hour – made it up for having woken up so early that day.  Happy saturday and Sunday.

Monday Morning!! 😦 Yuck!! How I hate a day when I have to return from Madurai to the daily grind of office & home in Bangalore. Wish I was little and stayed with mom and dad all life !! Anyways, coming to the point, I left home around 6.40 to board the flight at 8 am.

When I was there for check in the “deccan” girl at the counter gave me a smile and said ,” I’m afraid its gonna take more time ma’am.. ” NO!! Not again..  I had breakfast, finished that month’s issue of Goodhousekeeping, the weekly India today and got bored and picked up Paulo’s Brida at the airport bookstore. Pages were moved, time was flying -no news of boarding. It was 10 am , I got up and asked “how much will you refund me if I am cancelling my ticket now??” to the same girl. She smiled 🙂 and said 100%. I said go ahead and cancel. She took 20 mts to do that and I lost patience and asked her “how much more time do u need for a simple cancellation?” She smiled again 😦 (God only knows why??? )”Ma’am your flight has landed, it will be ready for departure in 10 mts”. I asked her “so u cancelled my ticket?” she said “No!” – God Bless!! Then I quickly boarded and reached bangalore at 12 noon.

Now comes the worst part, how do i get home and then go to office? Its more the 55 kms from my home!!!!! Gave my manager a call and explained the sitn in brief. Someone had sent me an email talking of airport to city – shuttle. I enquired and quickly boarded a volvo bus with a whopping 150 bucks taken away.  Hey u guys build an airport so far away , why should I pay so much for the conveyance man, isnt all this included in that nasty airfare???  The bus started at 1 and by the time it reached my place it was 3 pm. Only God can save people from Bangalore traffic. The worst in the world I’d proudly say.

I called up office, said I’m on leave and went to sleep. 🙂

So total expenses that day was  :

Airfare -2700

Airport expenses(snacks,books) – 500

Volvo bus ticket – 150

Thats a total of 3350 bucks !!!!!

If I had taken the train/bus the previous night i would have reached bangalore latest by 7 am and would have headed to office at 9 as usual.. This is my last venture with Deccan – That I can promise. And for BIAL – unless its for a trip abroad – I am never visiting you again !!!