Me back from Dubai, moving too quickly to Chennai. Wonder what more reasons a human being can think of while dropping papers in a company he/she is employed with. I said my spouse found a job there, my manager gives me a strange look,smiles to himself and then says “good na, you can stay more hours in office or go onsite with no reasons to come back for some time” :0 REASONS!!


Last week, I hear the noise of ambulances speeding away in the main road close to office,continuously. Wondering why so many ambulances in a row, I got up and walked up to the reception. Then my aunt calls up from a small place in tamilnadu around kanyakumari called “agasthiswaram” and asks ” Are you guys safe?” . I didnt know what to say, I asked her “en chithi? enachu” , she says ” there are 6 blasts in Bangalore”. She saw the news of blasts as flash news in sun TV. It was then I realised whats happening around me. Calls came pouring in for all collegues from near and dear asking about where they were.(Friday – where else, in office only!) We guys sit inside big buildings, in front of the desktop/laptop , engrossed in work, quite forget what’s happening outside, whether its raining or if it is day or night . Had my aunt not called, I wouldnt be informed of all this. Are we becoming insane ? 😦 DUNNO


Weekend in Chennai, that too in a not so hot time of the year? What more can u ask for. Majority of my friends are in chennai, thats another excuse. I simply love chennai for all it has – the weather, the people.It comes as a close second to my native place! Where are the house rents heading in chennai??? I seriously dunno. A simple home (600-700 sq ft) costs 10,000 to 12,000 bucks.And it isnt furnished mind u. I have no clue how we are going to find a home. Any help/suggestions welcome.


My kiddo is in LKG now. Here are some of his conversations

Me: Dai A, homework panna vada 

A: Vara matain. Kai valikum. (Note: He’s has to write around 5 ‘A’s or ‘1’s)

To My Dad(who has fractured his wrist): Thaatha, entha nai ungala kadichuthu? Neenga enna paninga atha??


🙂 bye for now